I want to share some good news! The per capita consumption of healthy butter has been going up since the margarine racket has been exposed. Corn syrup sweetened drink consumption has been falling slowly over the last 2 decades to about 40 gallons per person per year. Considering some of us drink none, some people are big gulping 80 gallons or so and wondering why they feel bad.

This week’s happiness is homemade honey ice cream. The land of milk and honey frozen is the way to describe the taste and healing properties of good food shared with good people.

My recipe makes 1 gallon

1 quart of honey

6 high quality eggs whole

1/2 gallon best heavy cream you can find

1 quart whole milk raw & grassfed

1/4 tsp sea salt

1 tsp distilled spirits

Whip until foamy and freeze with an ice cream freezer.

This is my favorite meal replacement with no guilt. We have refined this recipe more than 100 times over 3 years. Seasonal fruit on top is worth the garnish. I hope some of you are inspired to make a batch and start a small business with our honey. The premium ice cream market is just one idea to utilize honey beyond simple retail. 

We are seeing case sales of honey and frozen goods rising for consumption and prepping for potential short term food shortages due to logistic and transportation issues. We are taking appointments for anyone needing to stock up. We also offer some delivery options.

Call or text Kenny at 602-576-0320

Best Practices Collection

1 small freezer $250

50 pounds ground beef $500

15 pounds salmon $270

36 pounds honey (12 quarts) $180

6 liters olive oil $150

$1350 total

Pull the trigger on this opportunity for a taste of real food security. We always know what’s for dinner and how many we have left in the freezer. Sleep easy knowing that American farmers are producing more than we can eat. Distribution from farm to consumer is the short term problem we are all facing. I used to keep 2 months of food on hand and now it seems prudent to store 6 months or more. One pound per person per week is a popular model to follow. 

Happy February,


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