We cannot attend the scheduled market event in New Mexico during December. When we receive enough orders to warrant the risk and mileage of essential interstate travel, I will deliver food to you with a smile.

My life choices have put me in a position to continue harvesting and sharing the knowledge and bounty available. 

Our cattle herd is in fantastic condition

Wild Salmon are jumping in the North Pacific

Bee hives are buzzing crops in Arizona and New Mexico

Vegetables are sprouting in my garden

Intermittent fasting keeps me focused on what I really want

The best health advice is sound sleep

The cheapest cleanse is hydration

Spontaneous healing is also called Miracle, Magic, and Placebo

Study the past to predict the future

We are born, we live, we die, no exceptions

On a lighter note, more people are preparing their own food and medicine at home. Real and perceived catastrophies force us all to prioritize what is important. This trend will continue, which dovetails with our mission of self-sufficiency.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. Please order anytime by calling me directly at 602-576-0320.


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