We are excited to announce that we are currently accepting pre-orders for our next harvest to include whole, side, or quarter beef to be available in July 2023. We wanted to reach out to provide you with information about our bulk beef purchase options.

First off, we recommend tasting a variety of beef from different producers before you commit to a bulk beef purchase. Before your freezer is full, you really need to know you’re going to enjoy the taste of the beef. It’s also a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the preparation and cooking of a various beef cuts. So, go out to two or three of your favorite farmers markets and try $50-$100 worth of mixed cuts of beef from two or three different beef producers. A basic variety may include a steak, a roast or shanks and some ground beef. Maybe even cook each cut the same way on the same day for a side by side comparison. In the words of an admired Texas panhandle rancher, “I measure the value of beef in my mouth.”

Purchasing beef in bulk has many benefits, including convenience and variety. With this option, you will receive ALL cuts from a whole beef, meaning you’ll have mostly ground beef, lots of roasts, ribs, and shanks, and a variety of mixed steaks. Bones and organs are optional. Here are our approximate yields of finished beef for your freezer:

-Whole Beef: approximately 450-500 pounds

-Side of Beef: approximately 225-250 pounds

-Quarter Beef: approximately 110-125 pounds

All weights are approximate, each beef is different, and individual cuts will vary. All beef is packaged to our specifications at a USDA processing facility. Individual beef cuts will be vacuum sealed or paper wrapped, boxed, and ready for your freezer.

Our herd is raised and finished on native ancient prairie grasses near the Kiowa National Grasslands on the high plains of northeastern New Mexico. Our goal is to produce the finest beef in the world! We are setting a standard for fully finished grassFAT beef: our cattle are born and raised on the same ranch their entire lives, about 3 years, eating all grass all the time; truly grassfed to finish. Since 2020, we have diversified our processors and currently use two different small USDA plants which are each family owned and operated. Our beef is dry aged 14+ days and stores well in a 0°F freezer for one year and a -20°F freezer for at least two years.

We also offer Kelvinator commercial chest freezers which will maintain -20°F.

The average American consumes 50 pounds of beef per year. Our own family of 5 consumes slightly more, mostly ground beef. If you don’t need beef in bulk, we gladly accept custom orders. The most popular has been a case of ground beef and a few steaks and roasts. 

We hope that this information helps you in making a decision about purchasing beef in bulk. Please let us know if you have any further questions or if you would like to place an order.

Thank you for your consideration and support, we appreciate you. If you’d like to order or further inquire, please contact us.

Eat Well,

Brenna & Kenny

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