“So long and thanks for all the fish” is much more than just a catchy phrase. It represents our appreciation for the abundance of delicious, sustainable food that we are fortunate enough to share with you. From our wild caught Alaska salmon and New Mexico grass-finished beef to our raw honey, we strive to provide the highest quality available.

We want to thank all of you for choosing FishHugger as your food provider. Your loyalty and support have allowed us to continue doing what we love in a responsible and sustainable way.

We’re in Arizona through April 23 this season. Please join us this weekend at the farmers markets or schedule an appointment to shop at our Phoenix home. Advance orders are accepted.

If you’re anticipating our arrival in New Mexico, we plan to begin the Los Ranchos Growers Market sometime in May. As soon as we can confirm the details, we will update the market calendar and email our subscriber list.

Harvesting food seasonally in the summer and fall and curing and preserving for winter has been practiced for thousands of years. This process of storing food for the winter helped ensure survival and provided a way to maintain a consistent food supply. Although this practice has become less common, it still holds cultural significance as a way for us to connect with the past and honor traditional food harvesting and preservation methods.

We work with two different small family owned USDA processing facilities in New Mexco and have various harvest dates scheduled throughout the summer and fall for beef and pork. We’ll have a variety of cuts and bulk packages available around early July. Pre-orders for whole, side, and quarter beef are currently open.

Despite damage and the negative impacts from all the rain, an exceptional honeyflow is anticipated throughout the southwestern US. We certainly needed the moisture and nectar in the flowers should be abundant for foraging honey bees. Beekeepers are gearing up for a year of hard work and heavy lifting.

The 2023 Alaska commercial salmon harvest forecast is for 122 million pink salmon, 48 million sockeye salmon, 16 million keta salmon, and 3 million coho salmon. If realized, the forecasted 2023 total Alaska commercial salmon harvest will be approximately 189 million fish. This is anticipated to be about 15% larger than last year’s harvest, primarily due to the abundance of pink salmon.

So, here’s to another season of delicious food and happy customers! As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us.

Brenna & Kenny

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