I have been refining my diet for a long time. Reading books and comparing notes with perceived healthy people has helped. Sometimes I would believe what I had read and make a change for the better or worse. Once of those books demonized pork and shellfish. We kicked both out of our diet for a couple of agonizing years. A few books later, and I was enlightened to pursue the highest quality pork and smoked oysters possible. Reintroducing these foods addressed the cravings and dreams of bacon and sausage. That ended when I developed a source I could see with my eyes and verify the breed, feed, and harvest methods I could feel good about.

This week I harvested 300 pound prime hogs into thick cut bone-in chops, sausage, ground pork and fresh side/pork belly. I eat all the liver, heart, ribs and excess lard. The rest is stockpiled in freezers at -10 degrees F to eat or share with you good folks, until it’s all gone. Tonight we’re eating ground beef and pork lasagna with a micro green salad. Tomorrow is biscuits and sausage gravy with a poached egg or two. 

Once I learned that pork fat is the second highest source of vitamin D, my pork guilt transformed into pork pride. I fry potatoes and corn chips in lard with no guilt or the physical problems that come from frying in cheap seed oils. 

Two weeks from now, I’ll be harvesting beef for the winter and begin planning a trip to Phoenix to fill a few empty freezers. After that will be the honey harvest and mead brewing season. The good rains this month will yield lots of wildflowers full of nectar to build bee colonies and fill barrels to the top with raw honey.

We are all omnivores under the temporary guise of vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or carnivore.

Come by the growers market in Los Ranchos to see what we have available. As always, if you enjoy our content, please share with a friend and encourage them to come see us or join our email newsletter list.

Eat Well,


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