Our perfect harvest methods require us to estimate a year or more in advance what we plan to share with fellow FishHuggers. Inventories of preferred cuts dwindle while waiting patiently for the next cycle of having every cut available to those with specific tastes or need for convenience.

We lean towards selling what is most desired and eating whatever is picked over. This method has inspired me to be creative with whatever is left in my freezers.

The technical difference between a roast and a steak is how thick or thin any muscle group is cut. Rib steak or rib roast, round steak or round roast, chuck steak or chuck roast. The strong locomotive muscles of any animal have the most flavor. Dry aging for 14 days or more is the first step and hammered tender is the second step. Marinades and cooking techniques are the third step.

My beeves yield an average of 20-25 pounds of tendereized round steak per animal, labelled as cubed steak or eye of round. It is my source for jerky, chicken fried steak, steak strips, fajitas, pho, broth, swiss steak, tartare, and eating raw with salt similar to the liver king and carnivore md.

Urbanites tend to purchase just in time to consume immediately to satisfy cravings or storage and time constraints. Rural families tend to purchase just in case to satisfy efficiencies in price and logistics of food security. This method forces people to eat what is available instead of what is desired at the moment.

This principle applies to food, fuel, spare parts and tools. My father was a logistics genius after serving 20 years as an accomplished military officer, followed by 20 years of running a commercial farm with my mother. He would say, “If you rely on one, you’d better have two. If you use it every day, buy the best. If you use it once a year, rent or borrow. If you borrow, bring it back as good or better than you found it, fill the tank and fix the tire. Do what’s right because it is only money.” I can’t call him for advice anymore, but I know what he would say because he said it so often while he fed me and taught me how to learn and work. Make a decision, only time will tell if it is a good or bad one.


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