I have been searching for superior complementary products to support my friends and family since I sold the first filet of salmon in 2002. Equipment and super foods both fall into this category.

The most precious food in the world is also the most delicate. Colder temperatures extend the lifetime of perfectly harvested plants and animals. Since energy is vibration, super cold deep freezing slows the vibration until you prepare it. I have settled on Kelvinator commercial chest freezers with full confidence that the last filet or ground steak 2 years later will taste as good as the first out of the box. 

As a proof, I picked and froze fresh elderberries last summer in 5 gallon buckets with good seals in my commercial freezer. Quarts of elderberries are $20 each and guaranteed to stain your fingers for the finest syrup you’ll ever sip. I use them to infuse extra power, flavor, and color into my meades and melomels.

My Kelvinator club is slowing growing. Peace of mind is a stainless steel treasure chest on wheels with plenty of meals vacuum packed in suspended animation ready to prepare just in case. 7 to 21 cubic foot freezers full of food are available to order for delivery or pick up.

We plan to be in Phoenix a few more weeks before we head back to New Mexico for the summer to harvest pork and beef.


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