The first time I saw the word vegan was on a bottle of “nayonaise” at the Gentle Strength Co-op in Tempe 20 years ago. My wife and I teamed up there to promote wild salmon. Vegetarian was already a common term then, but vegan surprised me as somewhat radical in that the concept was a replacement for animal products and had nothing to do with vegetables. The trend has exploded with “meatless meat” further confusing consumers with eating disorders as a righteous path to optimum health and save the planet politics.

I have kept my ears open and mouth shut for many years on this topic until now. The pendulum swings the other way with the carnivore diet promoting all things animal. At first glance, the method excited me as more testimonies revealed disenfranchised vegans adopting a radical change in my direction. I started taking notes on this topic a couple of years ago and finally put it on a graph to better interpret the data.

In the long run, self described vegans purchase more fish, beef and honey at my booth than carnivores do. Turns out that vegans want responsible and authentic food for their non-vegan mates and children. My favorite vegan has a neck tattooed VEGAN, yet walks away with case of fish or ground beef or a bucket of honey to feed friends and family vegan approved food. 

I offer the original solar powered plant based food that all of our ancestors relied on through feast and famine. 

Sunshine grows plankton, fish eats plankton.

Sunshine grows grass, animals eat grass.

Sunshine grows flowers, bees make honey.

Real food prepared with love and shared with good people in a healthy environment emits a quantum vibration of power that is often described as miracles or magic. It’s when the food is tastier and more fulfilling, the company is delightful and any pain or suffering is diminished or forgotten for the time being. 

Ultra-processed hyper-palatable food consumed in a rush made by strangers and consumed under stress is a train wreck with collateral damage. Diabetes and dementia is caused and cured in your mouth. All humans are omnivores regardless of gender, race, religion, genetics or politics.  Just because we can, doesn’t mean that we should consume all that is offered as healthy or novelty.  

The elders say there is nothing new under the sun worthy of fear. It’s a great time to be alive and share the best the earth has to offer to our community of FishHuggers.

Peace & Love


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