We asked an artist farmer friend to interpret our business in an image. She produced a surreal and stunning stippled drawing that we have displayed at markets for years. The image has recently been applied to 50 white cotton tee shirts as the first FishHugger merch! Order and pick one up for $20 or have it shipped anywhere in the USA for $30. Sizes range from XS to XXL. If this new venture proves popular, more images from the same artist are ready to apply to other products.

We plan to extend our time in Arizona for another week or few. Our market calendar is updated often to help you get what you need seasonally. In addition to the Phoenix markets, we are currently scheduling pick up appointments through May 8.

Market research side note: My small scale survey suggests that vegans spend more per visit than strict carnivores or omnivores. My best explanation is that vegans want to feed non-vegan friends and family members high quality wild fish and grass fat beef. Does that mean FishHugger foods are vegan approved? You be the judge!



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