While on my path to hunt and gather food for my family, I stumbled onto a small date palm grove in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Dates are considered a superfood with a medium glycemic index for diabetics and blood sugar issues. A health food that tastes sweet is a great way to assist in breaking our sugar addiction.

I picked 300 pounds of medjool dates and froze them for long term storage. We are offering a free half pound bag of dates with any purchase of FishHugger goods. 15 pound boxes of dates are available for $60.

Dates will stay fresh and juicy in the fridge or freezer for a year. They are also shelf stable in your pantry or in a bowl on the counter and will dry slowly into a chewy treat.

A daily dose is typically 3 to 7 dates, depending on regularity and body weight. We have 200 pounds left in stock for this season.

My favorite way to eat them is to remove the pit and stuff a pecan and a dark chocolate drop inside. Look up the properties of medjool dates and you’ll know the benefits and value.

Please be bold and come see me for essential food at the markets in Phoenix or our private shop for personal service and food therapy advice.



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