Osso Bucco Braised Beef Shanks

Our cross cut beef shanks contain a marrow bone and are an ideal cut of meat for braising and then utilizing the remaining marrow bones as part of the next batch of broth. Cooking meat on the bone yields a richer, denser, more nutritious meal. A traditional Italian dish, this recipe is similar to a pot roast and is best when planned in advance. I imagine it can be done in a slow cooker or instant pot a little differently, but I’ve always braised these in my dutch oven for many hours on a cool or rainy day.

Alaska Black Cod Marinated with Honey

Black Cod, or Sablefish is a deep water, oily delicious whitefish. A great source of high quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Delicate and flavorful.

Alaska Seafood Tom Yum

Makes 4 servings, prep time 10 minutes with a cook time of 15 minutes..

Alaska Smoked Salmon Celery & Apple Salad

Quick and easy. Great as an appetizer or pita stuffer! Prep time 20 minutes, serves 8.

Asian-Style Beef Kebabs with Cabbage Slaw

Delicious! Use beef sirloin steak!

Beef Bone Broth-Beef Stock

Bone broth, or Beef Stock is simple to make as most of the cooking time us unattended. A good broth is quite useful to the cook; it is the foundation of soups and sauces and it adds depth of flavor to braised meats and other dishes. It also provides complete nutrition with the most readily absorbable form of calcium and other minerals.