[ABQ] Hasta mañana

Whoohoo! We’re happy to be back in the Rio Grande Valley for the summer and early fall! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow (and every Saturday) at the Los Ranchos Growers Market. 

We have an excellent supply of both Wild Alaska Sockeye and Coho Salmon available for the season as well as a good variety of New Mexico Pork. We also have a nice stockpile of Local Raw Honey. Additionally, be sure to try our Arizona Medjool Dates (while supplies last) and Kenny’s Original or New Mexico Spice Rub!

Currently, Bariani Olive Oil is in short supply, however, we anticipate being fully re-stocked by next Saturday, June 1. 

Due to an incredible increase in demand for quality local food, we are temporarily sold out of grassfed beef. To compensate, we have increased production for 2024 and have plans to further expand in 2025. Harvest dates for beef and pork are scheduled throughout the summer and early fall and we anticipate a variety of beef cuts to be available around mid to late July 2024. We welcome orders for a whole, side, or quarter beef or hog. Please order or further inquire via email. Before ordering, we also recommend reading this.

Miss us in PHOENIX? We plan to make a trip back around late July to early August for those who order in advance. Pick up will be at our home near Thomas Rd & 44th St. We’ll send out an email asking for orders a few weeks ahead of time. Beyond that, we intend to begin the fall farmers market season in Phoenix around mid to late October 2024. Alternatively, a few retailers are currently carrying our honey in town.

Hasta mañana,

Kenny & Brenna