Whether you buy food to eat or buy food to sell, you are essential. We need you to eat what we produce to keep you healthy and productive so we can keep feeding you and your family. This month’s demand will help determine next years’ availability. We will decide whether to scale up or down our production before harvest season starts in five weeks. Your input and support will have the greatest influence on what to do next.

Focus on what you can do:

Inventory your food and medical supplies

Calculate your need and a little more

If you need something more to do, create a temporary small scale business to help yourself and others in your circle to buy a supply together. Get involved.

We have weathered 9/11, housing bubbles, globalization, farmed salmon and fake meat. Confidence is high that American ingenuity will come up with good answers to the questions of today.

What I’m going to do today is share some simmering broth with the family and have a shot of cod liver oil.

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  1. Hi Brenna and Kenny, your Website looks really good. Glad to see your production is going strong!

    • Thank you! We appreciate your support!

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