Vegan fed beef?

I enjoy observing the marketing trends of big food corporations. At first glance, the concept of vegan-fed beef triggered my inner cynic, and I couldn’t help but envision, with a wry smile, cows grazing in a field of vegans.

Through a bit of research, it becomes evident that promoting and marketing vegetarian and vegan-fed beef is not about demonizing red meat; instead, it introduces a concept that encourages collaboration and positive engagement.

As most feedlots and CAFOs traditionally feed cattle grains, these animals have, in essence, been consuming a vegan diet long before the term was even coined.

Political vegans are upset that real beef can be labelled vegan, as if the term is trademarked, or somehow enjoys protection (another wry smile).

If we believe the metrics and opinion polls offered, there are more recovering post vegans than currently practicing vegans. 

Steaks are outselling ground beef this month, as is typical for December since we all celebrate life with steak. At my farmers market booth, conscientious vegans purchase the majority of my animal products for their omnivorous family members and mates. Is FishHugger vegan approved? The attention that campaign could generate is certainly tempting!

In terms of upcoming events, we invite you to catch us this weekend, December 2 & 3, at  Roadrunner Park and Ahwatukee Farmers Markets in Phoenix. These will be our last markets in Arizona until January 2024.

For our Albuquerque friends, we plan to attend the Los Ranchos Winter Growers Market on Saturday, December 9. Given that we’ll be bringing our big freezer trailer stocked with fish, beef, and pork, pre-ordering is not required. However, if you prefer, we’d be delighted to receive your order in advance.

See you soon,

Kenny & Brenna

A storm is brewing

Salmon fishing in Kodiak, Alaska relies on storms. Nice weather and calm seas are pleasant, but not typically as productive or profitable. The top salmon harvesters with the best equipment and a well trained crew will head straight for the eye of the storm and roll the grand dice. Salmon school in huge numbers during storms and run tight to shore, so if an outfit can keep the crew and the gear together, it’s an opportunity to scoop a substantial haul of fish. The most dangerous salmon seining situation is wind and waves blowing on shore. This gives small delays in gear retrieval or a minor breakdown of equipment the potential to quickly become catastrophic…..sometimes even requiring a Mayday call to the US Coast Guard. The safest situation is wind blowing offshore. Delays and mechanical breakdowns are not as time sensitive because the whole operation is headed for deep water swells and miles of ocean to fix or repair any issues. Either situation is a white knuckle adrenaline rush, constantly anticipating a change in wind direction.

During big low pressure storms, most of the fleet will be tied to the dock or anchored tight in a bay for a week riding out the storm. When the big boys make it back with a deck load of fish and the thousand yard stare, you know they earned it.

With that perspective, wind and rain does not stop us from going to the farmers market…..until the trees are bending. Here in the desert, we don’t have to be concerned with waves, at least. smiley

On a drizzly day, one of my favorite comfort foods is our green chile pork sausage gravy served over butter-fried toast or homemade biscuits, topped with a poached egg. A cup of fresh ground coffee with a generous amount of honey and heavy cream perfects the occasion.

Come see us at the Phoenix markets this weekend! A generous stock of wild salmon, green chile pork sausage, local honey and much more will be available.

Enjoy the rain!

Kenny & Brenna