Fire Sale! 🔥

We will be selling wild salmon at a buy one get one special over the next few weeks. There is no fire involved, it’s just a good time to support your craving for good food at a good price.

We have been hitting the gym lately and doubling our protein intake to put on more muscle…and it’s working! For more information, see Dr. Gabrielle Lyon’s book on how muscle mass is crucial for longevity and aging well.

body composition scale has really helped us to determine bone density, visceral fat and muscle mass. Losing weight is a detriment if it is skeletal muscle instead of body fat. A smart scale is a great way to document your health journey and attain real goals. According to my scale, my metabolic age is less than my chronological age by almost 5 years!

Too busy on the weekends to make it to market? Call or email and we will make time for you to shop privately, even for one jar of honey or a 2 for 1 salmon filet special.

Happy new year all! We appreciate each of you and look forward to seeing you soon.