News and Notes

Happy New Year

1 January, 2018
Best wishes for 2018! We hope to see you at our favorite Phoenix area farmers markets now through the end of April.

Christmas Vacation

10 December, 2017
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! We're enjoying our annual winter vacation celebrating the holiday season with our families. We look forward to seeing you Phoenix in January 2018!

Los Ranchos Winter Market!

5 December, 2017
Hey New Mexico! We're looking forward to seeing you next Saturday, December 9 at the Los Ranchos Growers Market! We're still accepting orders by phone 505.865.4097 or email

One Week Phoenix!

27 November, 2017
Hello Phoenix FishHuggers, we'll be at the Roadrunner Park and Ahwatukee Farmers markets one more weekend (December 2/3) for 2017. We're headed to New Mexico for our winter vacation to spend the holiday season with our families. Come see us at the market this weekend. We are also taking daily appointments through next Monday, December 4. Please call to schedule 602.286.9233

Whole Salmon & Salmon Caviar

17 November, 2017
Whole (H&G) Salmon! We have sockeye and coho. H&G is a seafood industry term that stands for "headed & gutted". I know, not very appetizing, but all it means is that the salmon has been cleaned and the head has been removed. These fish are an excellent option for your holiday meal. Size varies depending on the species (coho is larger than sockeye) and individual fish, we've seen sockeye as small as 4 pounds and coho as large as 14 pounds. Whole salmon are $10 per pound, please order soon if interested.

Salmon Caviar! Also known as ikura, this is keta roe cured using a custom 3% brine for milder flavor and lower salt content than most. Keeps 2 weeks in the refrigerator and 2 years in the freezer. Available in 42gram jars or 500gram containers.

We saved the whales with Black Cod!

9 November, 2017
Since the 1986 moratorium on whales by most countries, sperm whales in particular have grown in number by 4% per year in the Gulf of Alaska. The black cod fishing industry has been reporting a significant loss from whales attacking baited fishing hooks for 20 years. Black cod is the most valuable seafood in the North Pacific in economic terms and omega-3 oil content, desirable to both man and whales around the world. Most attribute the diet of baby king crab to explain why black cod holds a high value.

Farmed fish contained in ocean pens are also attacked by whales feeding. Wild salmon is safe from whales because they are hard to catch. Lucky us!

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Sunday Open House!

25 October, 2017
Please join us this Sunday, October 29, 2017 from 10am-2pm at our home (2031 N 47th St, Phoenix AZ 85008). We'll have a great variety of wild salmon and seafood, an array of grass-fed beef and pork cuts, raw local and regional honey and more! Kenny will be sampling smoked salmon and meatloaf! Families and children are welcome, bring a friend and bring a cooler.

Hello Phoenix!

13 October, 2017
We've had a productive and rewarding summer harvest and we look forward to the fall and most of the winter here in Arizona. We're kicking off our 16th season at Roadrunner Park & Ahwatukee Farmers Markets this weekend! We look forward to seeing you this season.

Thank you New Mexico!

29 September, 2017
Thanks again to all of our friends at the Los Ranchos & Corrales Growers Markets. We enjoyed meeting a lot of new people in Los Alamos too this season. We appreciate all of your support over the years. We'll be back at the winter market in Los Ranchos on Saturday, December 9, 9am-12noon. Ordering in advance is recommended.

Last Chance New Mexico!

18 September, 2017
Saturday and Sunday, September 23/24 will be our last weekend for the season at the Los Ranchos and Corrales Growers Markets. Advance orders are recommended. For market hours and locations look here

For a current list of products and prices look here

We'll be back once this winter at the Los Ranchos Growers Market on Saturday, December 9.

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