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Sunday Social

8 November, 2018
Sunday, November 11, 2018 from 4-7pm at FishHugger's home (2031 N 47th St, Phoenix AZ 85008). You can get access to SO MUCH MORE at our home! Come see us, children and families welcome. Light snacks and samples will be provided. Bring a friend and bring a cooler.

We really enjoy the markets, yet we have much to offer through socials, dinner parties, cooking classes and demos. Our place or yours, we can customize your class or event. Let us know what you'd like to see!

Order Black Cod, Halibut Cheeks & Pacific Cod

26 October, 2018
Please order your 3, 6 or 12 month supply.

Black Cod is oily, delicious and amazing butterfish!

Halibut Cheeks are the delicacy of the fish.

Pacific Cod is a mild, light, flaky fish.


13 October, 2018
Yay! Roadrunner Park Farmers Market was fun for a few hours and we packed up at a record pace in the rain around 10:30am. Our first official rainout in years was a great welcome back to Phoenix. See you next Saturday!

Hello Phoenix!

10 October, 2018
We're kicking off our fall farmers market season this Saturday, October 13 at Roadrunner Park! Please join us 8am-1pm, every Saturday now through December 1!

Thank you New Mexico!

29 September, 2018
We've really enjoyed our 2018 summer/fall season here at the Los Ranchos and Corrales Growers Markets! We'll be back at the Los Ranchos Winter Market on Saturday, December 8!

Fall Beef Harvest

5 September, 2018
It's harvest time in northeastern New Mexico! We're offering a great variety of beef cuts at our favorite markets. If you'd like to place a freezer order, let us know. Our beef is New Mexico born and raised, grass-fed, grass finished and 100% pasture raised. We are setting the bar for Grass FAT Beef.

Fresh Catch! Halibut Cheeks & Black Cod!

2 August, 2018
We have a nice supply in stock! Come by the market and check it out!

Beef Harvest!

20 July, 2018
Be sure to try our delicious grass-fed, grass-finished, 100% pasture-raised New Mexico Beef! We offer a great variety of cuts: grind, roasts, ribs, shanks and steaks.

Fresh Catch! Halibut Cheeks & Black Cod!

16 July, 2018
Available the next several weekends at our New Mexico and Arizona Markets!

Beef Harvest!

13 June, 2018
Order now for July delivery of our fresh harvest grass-fed, grass-finished, 100% pasture raised beef. Delicious and nutritious!

Order by phone 602.286.9233 or send email

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