News and Notes

9 Weeks New Mexico!

1 August, 2019
Los Ranchos & Corrales FishHuggers! We'll be participating in our favorite New Mexico Growers' Markets through September 28, 2019. Time to consider stocking your freezer and pantry for the fall! Order by the case or half case, custom orders are gladly accepted and we're happy to answer questions anytime.

Flower Festival @Los Ranchos Growers Market

23 July, 2019
Join us on Saturday, July 27 at the Los Ranchos Growers Market 7am-12noon!

Phoenix July 23/24 Please Order

3 July, 2019
Do you need salmon, pork, beef or honey in Phoenix? Please order by email or call 602.286.9233 with your order or further inquiry by Thursday, July 18. Orders will be picked up at our Phoenix kitchen (near Thomas Rd & 44th St) on Tuesday/Wednesday, July 23/24 only. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

Knife Sharpening & Cast Iron Refinishing Services

21 June, 2019
Bring your favorite knife to Los Ranchos Growers Market on Saturday and we'll sharpen while you shop! We also offer cast iron refinishing, returned the next weekend.

Hello New Mexico!

10 May, 2019
Hey Los Ranchos & Corrales FishHuggers! We're looking forward to our spring/summer/fall market season here in New Mexico. Kicking off both markets this Mother's Day weekend (May 11/12). Come see us!

Phoenix - Bonus Weekend!

2 May, 2019
Hey Phoenix FishHuggers! We have been unexpectedly delayed leaving Arizona...catch us again at the Roadrunner Park & Ahwatukee Farmers Markets this weekend. This is our last week in Arizona until October 2019.

Last Day Phoenix!

30 April, 2019
It's time for us to begin our spring-summer-fall harvest & market season in New Mexico and Alaska. Today is our last day in Arizona until October 2019. This is the time to stock your freezer and pantry for the summer and we currently have a great variety of salmon, beef, pork and honey.


Last Week Phoenix!

22 April, 2019
We're in Arizona only seasonally, through April 30, 2019. NOW is the time to consider stocking your freezer and pantry for the summer and we currently have a great variety of salmon, beef, pork and honey. We have several case options for meat, salmon and honey. Cases are typically 25-30 pounds of fish or meat. A case of honey (12 jars) is either 1 gallon or 3 gallons, depending on jar size. Maybe you prefer a half case, a mixed case or a custom order...we're happy to accommodate you! Come see us at the market this weekend or contact us to schedule at your convenience. 602.286.9233 or send email

Colorado Wildflower - Honey of the Week

5 April, 2019
My best honey for wounds, sore throats and infections is Colorado Wildflower due to its heavy concentration of propolis. Bees gather resin from budding coniferous and deciduous trees to line the hive with an antiseptic called propolis. During the summer of 2013, my favorite bees were resting in southern Colorado after pollinating crops up the Rio Grande valley. They harvested an abundance of green propolis and coated the comb with so much resin that it overwhelmed the honey flavor and color. At that point, we set aside a portion to archive and age for its medicinal value above others. This honey belongs in the medicine cabinet and should be used sparingly. It is a very dark honey with a coarse grainy texture and a sweet waxy taste.

Honey by the Case

1 April, 2019
Now is a great time to stock your pantry for the summer. We currently have a great selection of Raw Local Arizona Honey available by the jar or by the case. A case of large quart jars is equal to 3 gallons of honey. A case of regular table jars is equal to 1 gallon of honey. Mix or match: Alfalfa, Mesquite, Catclaw Acacia, Cactus Blossom, Ambrosia-Desert Wildflower. Order in advance or drop by the market and see what's in stock.

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