News and Notes

Thank you New Mexico!

29 September, 2018
We've really enjoyed our 2018 summer/fall season here at the Los Ranchos and Corrales Growers Markets! We'll be back at the Los Ranchos Winter Market on Saturday, December 8!

Fall Beef Harvest

5 September, 2018
It's harvest time in northeastern New Mexico! We're offering a great variety of beef cuts at our favorite markets. If you'd like to place a freezer order, let us know. Our beef is New Mexico born and raised, grass-fed, grass finished and 100% pasture raised. We are setting the bar for Grass FAT Beef.

Fresh Catch! Halibut Cheeks & Black Cod!

2 August, 2018
We have a nice supply in stock! Come by the market and check it out!

Beef Harvest!

20 July, 2018
Be sure to try our delicious grass-fed, grass-finished, 100% pasture-raised New Mexico Beef! We offer a great variety of cuts: grind, roasts, ribs, shanks and steaks.

Fresh Catch! Halibut Cheeks & Black Cod!

16 July, 2018
Available the next several weekends at our New Mexico and Arizona Markets!

Beef Harvest!

13 June, 2018
Order now for July delivery of our fresh harvest grass-fed, grass-finished, 100% pasture raised beef. Delicious and nutritious!

Order by phone 505-865-4097 or send email

Pricing & Info

Roadrunner Park Farmers Market-Honey Only!

4 June, 2018
JUNE 9, 2018, THIS SATURDAY ONLY! 7-11am at Roadrunner Park (3502 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix 85032). We'll have a great variety of Raw Local & Regional Honeys! Come see us! Advance orders are accepted. Mix or match ok...local and regional varieties to be determined. Case pricing as follows:

Arizona Local Quart: 12x48oz jars (approx. 3 gallons of honey) for $208

Arizona Local Hexagonal: 12x14oz jars (approx. 1 gallon of honey) for $88

Regional Hexagonal: 12x14oz jars (approx. 1 gallon of honey) for $128

*Please email orders to or call 602-286-9233*

New Mexico Seafood Sampler Party!

31 May, 2018
Our most common requested cooking demo party is mixed seafood. We'll provide a sample taster menu of our wild salmon, whitefish and other seafood specialties. You provide the sides, beverages and dishes. Invite some friends! We can fill your freezer on the same visit. Now scheduling for June and July 2018, please call or email for pricing and availability.


Order Halibut Cheeks and Black Cod

25 May, 2018
Order today for halibut cheeks and black cod arriving in Albuquerque in early July.

call 505-865-4097 or send email

Thank You Phoenix!

1 May, 2018
Thanks Phoenix FishHuggers for an incredible season! We'll be back in Arizona for a quick trip in mid-July to re-supply those who order. We'll kick off the Phoenix farmers market season with the fresh harvest again in late October 2018. We appreciate you all, thanks for considering us when feeding your families.

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