News and Notes

Sustainable Sushi Night!

23 March, 2013
6-9pm at FishHugger's Phoenix home. Join us for fun and sustainable sushi! $100 per person, make your reservations today 602-286-9233.

Fish Fabrication Class 11/7

4 November, 2012
We're hosting a Fish Fabrication Classes this week! Join us on Wednesday, Nov 7th at 6:30pm at our Phoenix home. Kenny will show how to cut and portion large pieces of fish. Fillet knife optional. The class is $60 per person and includes 2 fillets (3lbs+ sockeye salmon) to portion and take home. Please RSVP by noon the day of the class (11/7) by phone 602-286-9233 or send email

Guest Chef Event 10/6!

26 September, 2012
On Saturday, Oct 6, Kenny will be guest chef for our 8th annual Balloon Fiesta Tailgating event! He'll be grilling and sampling our Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon and NM Grassfed Beef along with local in-season veggies!

It is early fall so you can expect red chile, peppers, apples, pears, winter squash, roasted green chile, corn, black-eyed peas, okra, long beans, bush beans, peaches, raspberries, melons, plums, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, summer squash, radishes, beets, carrots, salad turnips, kohlrabi, edible flowers, fresh herbs, chard, assorted greens, cabbage, basil, garlic, micro greens, jams/jellies, various breads and pastries, pasta and sauces, cheese, honey, eggs, fresh flowers, flowering plants, house plants, dried herbs, culinary herbal mixes and more. Los Ranchos is a great family atmosphere, we have live music and a crafter's market every Saturday! Come hungry and bring your friends!

Phoenix Sept 25/26

21 September, 2012
Kenny will be available at our Phoenix home on Tuesday & Wednesday, September 25 &26th for those who order by noon on Sunday, September 23. Orders accepted by phone 602.286.9233 or send email

Salmon Season Update!

24 August, 2012
Kenny, captain and crew of F/V Aleutian Belle have had a great summer salmon harvest. So far, they've hauled in about 500,000 pounds of salmon! The total Alaska harvest of most species have been above the initial pre-season forecast of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. King (Chinook) Salmon has been the only disappointment...we're still hoping for a late run! Kenny is expected back in Albuquerque by early-mid September.

Salmon Season Update

13 August, 2012
Spoke to Kenny today via cell phone for the first time since July 17! The boat and crew are in town (Kodiak) for a day of boat/skiff maintenance and some minor net repair. The total salmon tally so far is approximately 300,000lbs! Back to the fishing grounds tomorrow to catch more pink salmon!

Kenny's 2012 Fishing Season!

2 July, 2012
Kenny will be fishing the waters around Kodiak Island Alaska now through early September. Good fishing!

Time to Stock Up!

9 June, 2012
Hello NM FishHuggers! Anytime is a great time to stock your freezer with GrassFAT Beef and Lamb...ask about our bundle packages!

Thank you Phoenix!

23 April, 2012
Thanks Phoenix FishHuggers for a wonderful winter! We look forward to seeing you again this fall (Oct 31, 2012). Have a great summer!

Stock Up!

14 March, 2012
As many of you already know, we live seasonally among Phoenix AZ, Albuquerque NM and Kodiak AK. We will attend 3 weekly Phoenix area farmers markets through April 22, 2012. NOW is a great time to stock your freezer and your pantry for our off-season. We're here only 6 more weeks and we won't be back until October 2012! Call for an appointment today 602-286-9233.

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