News and Notes

Kenny's Salmon Season Update

6 August, 2009
Kenny and crew are fishing hard, the boat has grossed 70,000# so far (mostly pinks/humpies). They deliver fish each morning between 1-3am and right back out for more fishing. It's probably time to make a set right now-let 'er go!

Kenny Arrives in Kodiak, Alaska

21 July, 2009
Kenny will set out on his 15th Annual Commercial Salmon Harvest. Good Fishing to captain and crew!

Career Day at Peralta Elementary School

8 May, 2009
We recently had an opportunity to discuss the careers of commercial fishing, ranching and beekeeping with kids in the local area. The overall favorite was the Italian honey bee display--the Kindergarten class loved it!

Offline for the Move

17 April, 2009
Greetings Fishhuggers! Due to our seasonal move from Phoenix-Albuquerque, we will not be available to answer email or telephone calls until the week of April 20, 2009. Thank you for your patience!

Mt. Redoubt Erupts on Alaska Mainland

24 March, 2009
Mt. Redoubt erupted 5 times in 6 hours, it began on Sunday night. Ash was spewed 9 miles into the air. This is the first time the 10,200 foot volcano has erupted in almost 20 years. Last time, the eruptions lasted for almost 6 months.

PERU: Giant Squid Concentrate

23 March, 2009
A team of Peruvian university researchers have developed a protein concentrate from giant squid to enrich malnourished children in the poorest sectors of the country.

Open House

20 March, 2009
Friday 2-7pm Please join us at our home for an informal wild seafood and grassfed meat tasting. We have 3 honey tasting flights available for dessert. Bring your cooler and stock up.


13 February, 2009
On one hand, the mining industry employs 5,500 people and generates $200 million in tax revenues. It is based on a finite resource that will one day be exhausted. On the other hand, the Salmon Fishing industry in Bristol Bay, Alaska employs 12,000 people and contributes $250 million to the economy. This industry is based on a sustainably managed renewable resource that will be around long after the last ton of ore is dug out of Pebble Mine. Many of you already know that the 2009 salmon season (as with the 2008 season) SOUTH OF THE CANADIAN BORDER will not take place. This is not due to overfishing, but a century of logging, damming, mining and use of agricultural chemicals. For more info visit

Fishhugger Sampler Series

12 February, 2009
Please join us at our home located at 2031 N 47th St, Phoenix for a tasting party. Bring your coolers! Open house hours are 2-7pm today. Answers to all your questions, sampling honey, Grassfed Beef and more.

Fishhugger Sampler Series

30 January, 2009
Join us at our home every other week beginning January 30. Open house hours are 1-5pm. We'll be sampling everything from salmon and beef to bee products, olive oil, vinegars and more! Answers to all your questions. Perhaps another time or date works better for you? Please call to schedule an appointment 602.286.9233.

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