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August New Mexico Growers Market Schedule

1 August, 2010
Thursdays: Nob Hill

Saturdays: Los Ranchos

Sundays: Corrales

July NM Growers Market Schedule

1 July, 2010
Thursdays: Nob Hill Growers Market Saturdays: Los Ranchos Growers Market Sundays: Corrales Growers Market

Phoenix Fishhuggers!

1 June, 2010
We are now taking orders for the June Buyers Club delivery to Phoenix! Please place your orders by email or phone 505.865.4097. Orders can be picked up at our home near McDowell Rd & 44th St on Tuesday/Wednesday, June 22/23. Please call on your way over 602.286.9233. Thanks!

Phoenix Buyers Club Delivery!

25 May, 2010
Please pick up your orders Tuesday and Wednesday (May 25, 26) at our home, 2031 N 47th St, Phoenix AZ 85008. Please call to schedule a time, 602.286.9233.

Seasonal Move AZ-NM

18 April, 2010
Thanks for your patience during our bi-yearly move! We will be returning email and phone calls beginning Monday, April 26, 2010.

Phoenix Fishhuggers!

12 April, 2010
Hey Arizona! Be sure to check our market calendar ONLY 1 MORE WEEKEND at our Phoenix area Farmers Markets! Time to stock up! We'll return to the Phoenix area for the winter season beginning October 23, 2010.

Lamb Roast Special

20 February, 2010
Leg of Lamb Roast and Lamb Shoulder Roast, 5lb average, only $40 each! So delicious, great for slow roasting. Cook once and eat several times.

Fish Hugger on Facebook

2 February, 2010
Become a fan of Fish Hugger today on Facebook! Photos, recipes, fun food facts and more.

Grassfed Beef Short Ribs!

24 January, 2010
Delicious meaty, juicy bones. Great for slow cooker, slow roasting, smoking or making broth. Only $3/lb! This screamin' deal also applies to LAMB RIBS!

October 19-October 23

19 October, 2009
Please pardon our unavailability. We are in the middle of our yearly fall transition from New Mexico to Arizona. We will be beginning our Phoenix area farmers market winter schedule on Saturday, October 24, 2009 and continuing through the middle of April 2010. We intend to begin participating in the New Mexico summers growers markets again at the end of April 2010. Please see our calendar page for a current scheduleFishhugger Calendar of Markets

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