News and Notes

Salmon Update!

15 August, 2014
Kenny and the crew have been fishing Duck Cape for a week and scooping a fair amount of pink salmon to pay the bills. Everyone has put in a lot of hard work for an average season, plenty of 20 hour days fishing. We expect him back in the Albuquerque area sometime in September.

Cooking in the Village~Bouche

9 August, 2014
Join us on Saturday, 9-August-2014 at Los Ranchos Growers Market. 7a-12p at 6718 Rio Grande Blvd, Los Ranchos NM. A guest chef will be preparing and sampling a variety of the available local produce and goodies of the high summer season! A great time to pick up your GrassFAT Beef freezer order, let us know your beef needs for the next 3-12 months.

Phoenix Orders for July!

13 June, 2014
Hello Phoenix, I will be available on Tues/Wed July 15/16. Please place orders by phone 505-865-4097 or send email LOTS of Grassfed-GrassFAT Beef available as well as H&G Sockeye Salmon!

Raw Foods & Remedies

19 February, 2014
Wednesday, Feb 19, 6-8:30pm @FishHugger's home (2031 N 47th St, Phoenix 85008). An introduction to some simple raw food recipes sampling wild salmon, veggies, fermented foods, dessert and beverage, ALL RAW AND GLUTEN FREE! We will also highlight the use of essential oils for foods and flavoring. Bring a friend!

Please RSVP 602-286-9233

$18 per person OR $30 per 2

Meaty Monday

5 February, 2014
Monday, Feb 10th, 1-6pm. Join us today for the BEST BEEF SPECIAL OF THE SEASON! @FishHugger's home (2031 N 47th St, Phoenix 85008). A mixed grab bag full of our excellent Grassfed-Grassfinished-GrassFAT Beef for your freezer.

10 pounds for $82.50

Sunday Essential Oils Class

10 January, 2014
12-Jan: Sunday 4-7pm at FishHugger's home (2031 N 47th St Phoenix 85008). We'll be discussing and experiencing the certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils specifically useful for colds, flus and infections. We will also learn how to use the oils for soups and sauces. Please RSVP 602-286-9233 $10 per person, includes a few samples of essential oils to take home.

FishHugger Holiday Market

2 December, 2013
Monday, 2-Dec: 12-6pm at FishHugger's home (2031 N 47th St, Phoenix 85008). We're taking off most of December to spend time with our family. Last chance to stock your freezer and pantry until January. Orders are welcome or you can just stop by and see what is available. We will have a great selection of salmon and whitefish, mixed beef cuts and much more!

Caught a boatload!

10 August, 2013
Kenny, captain and crew loaded the boat with salmon today! The salmon run is full speed ahead with only about a month to go! Keep up the good work!

Phoenix in August

15 July, 2013
If you are in Phoenix and would like to take advantage of our beef and salmon specials, please place an order with us. We will be available in Phoenix on August 13-14. Your order is welcome by phone 505.865.4097 or send email

Thank you Phoenix!!

21 April, 2013
We appreciate you all, it was our pleasure to feed you again this winter. Have a wonderful summer. We're back in the Phoenix area one week in June, one week in August and back for the winter in late October.

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