News and Notes

Gift Cards Available!

18 October, 2019
Need a gift for your favorite foodie? FishHugger is now offering custom gift cards, ask for them at our markets!

Let's Party Phoenix!

12 October, 2019
Hello Phoenix FishHuggers! We're back in Arizona through December 8, 2019 for our fall farmers market season. Contact us anytime to schedule your consultation, dinner party, cooking class or freezer delivery.

Call 602.286.9233 or email us

Hello Phoenix!

11 October, 2019
Hey FishHuggers, we're back in Phoenix for the fall market season. Come see us this weekend (Sat/Sun Oct 12/13) at our favorite Farmers Markets or at our Sunday Evening Social! Advance orders accepted anytime, or swing by to see what's available.

Order for December - New Mexico

3 October, 2019
We enjoyed our spring/summer market season in New Mexico, thanks FishHuggers! We are taking orders for the Los Ranchos winter market on December 14th. Freezer orders will be delivered the week of December 16 - 20. Further inquiry welcome anytime.

Albuquerque Delivery Oct 1 & 2

30 September, 2019
One more big thank you to New Mexico FishHuggers for a fun spring/summer season! We're around town a few more days delivering $200+ stock up orders.

Look here for availability and prices

Send email or call 602-286-9233 for further inquiry.

Thank You New Mexico!

27 September, 2019
Please join us this Saturday, September 28th at Los Ranchos Growers Market! Our last market of the regular season until the December 14th winter market. Stock your freezer for the winter!

Please continue to support your local growers! Los Ranchos & Corrales Growers Markets will remain open every weekend through late October - early November and then monthly throughout the winter. Los Ranchos Growers Market is open the 2nd Saturday of each month (December - April) 10am-12noon. Corrales Growers Market is open the 1st Sunday of each month (December - April) 10am-12noon.

2-3 Weeks New Mexico!

13 September, 2019
Thank you New Mexico FishHuggers for a wonderful spring/summer growers market season! If you still need to stock your freezer and pantry for the fall, we are in the Albuquerque area through September 28, 2019 before our return to Arizona for most of the fall/winter/spring.

Contact us to order or otherwise inquire. Call 602.286.9233 or send email

Black Cod & Halibut Cheeks!

11 August, 2019
FRESH CATCH! Black Cod/Sablefish Filet and Halibut Cheeks are back in stock for a limited time only. Get 'em while they last!

Alaska Wild Salmon Day

10 August, 2019
We'll be celebrating New Mexico's FIRST AND ONLY Alaska Wild Salmon Day at Los Ranchos Growers Market this Saturday! Mention this post to the FishHugger Family today to receive a FREE Wild Salmon Filet!

8 Weeks New Mexico!

8 August, 2019
Hey New Mexico FishHuggers! We're here in the Albuquerque area through the end of September 2019 before we head to Phoenix for our fall/winter/spring farmers market season. Consider stocking your freezer and pantry for the off-season.

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